IPC’s processes are governed by AS9100 accreditations and rooted in SC21 Gold and EFQM 4 Star awards.

Design for Manufacture

A preliminary design review meeting takes place to discuss design options for optimal results based on complexity of tool, mould flow simulation, volume requirements and tool life expectancy. There is a particular focus on identification of project risks, mitigation actions and project management. Design reviews are held with customers to discuss and agree all options.

New Product Introduction

Post tool manufacture, next is the new product introduction (NPI process). At this stage, IPC Mouldings carries out mould tool trials, tool debugging, tool optimisation and validation. The company incorporates new products into the quality management system right up to the first article inspection stage (FAI), inclusive of any statistical reporting requirements with documented standardised operating procedures (SOPs). IPC’s culture is rooted in continuous improvement and has process controls in place to identify root cause analysis, corrective actions, validations and verifications. The company has a robust internal audit system, driving continuous improvement.


Beginning with material selection and product traceability within process controls, IPC Mouldings’ 24 shift operation ensures continuous production, focussing on economic batch quantities which can be extended into both Kanban and SMI. IPC operates in line with the company’s LEAN manufacturing culture. The company has extensive experience in the processing of structural, flame retardant, lubricated, conductive and coloured engineering thermoplastics. Aircraft interiors specific resins include Polyetherine (PEI), Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS), Polyurethane (TPU) and Polycarbonate (PC). Other industry specific materials include Acetals, Nylons, Polyolefins, and Polystyrenes.

Value Add

IPC has got the in-house technical ability, knowledge and capacity to deliver from concept to completion, on site. On larger projects, IPC enlists supply chain partners who work in collaboration with the company to bring value add, combining resources to offer total solutions. Control of each project is managed in its entirety by IPC whether internal or external resources are utilised. The company’s success is evidenced by their results, achieving 99% quality and on time delivery, supplying over 2.5 million parts to the global aerospace interiors industry over the past 12 months.