Proactive not reactive. IPC continually review customer requirements by analysing market trends and industry developments to identify solutions. IPC has robust controls in place that ensure agility and flexibility.

Injection Moulding

Injection moulding is the company’s core business. Operating in the injection moulding industry for more than 20 years, IPC has amassed expert knowledge of polymer materials and extensive experience in processing flame retardant, lubricated, conductive and coloured engineering grade thermoplastics. Injection moulding for the aerospace and medical sectors requires precision and perfection, incorporating a high degree of process and quality control management. IPC strives to reduce lead times, which can result in a more efficient and cost effective delivery of final product.

Mould Tool Manufacture

IPC Moulding’s injection mould manufacture process is based on in-depth industry expertise that has developed during the company’s vast industry experience. During the process, IPC considers the commercial factors affecting design such as multi-cavity moulds or hot runner systems. Where a more cost-effective approach is feasible we can identify value added options at the design stage, saving time and budget. The company’s expertise lies in transforming requirements into pragmatic, economic solutions.

CNC Machining

IPC Mouldings machine components in most polymers and metals, which is ideal for prototypes where the design is in the preliminary stages and where product testing, fit and function is still required to prove design before commitment to tooling. The company specialises in machining mixed volume bespoke components and can CNC machine a wide variety of metals, including: aluminium, stainless steel, brass copper, phosphorus bronze and castings (including aluminium and stainless steel). CNC machined non-metals include PTFE, tufnol and engineering grade polymers.


IPC offers expert plastic injection mould design services, providing you with access to experienced experts in mould tool design. The company believes in a truly collaborative approach to pre manufacture product design and design review.