My Journey with IPC Mouldings: Meryvn Nelson

My Journey with IPC Mouldings: Meryvn Nelson

A founding member and integral part of the team here at IPC Mouldings is Business Development Manager, Mervyn Nelson; a man with experience in the aircraft seating industry spanning 40 years, right back to the first modular seats whilst working as an engineer in Aircraft Furnishing in the 1970s.

Mervyn has expertise in many areas, specialising in the technical knowledge of the product – its design, manufacturability, assembly and durability.

Speaking about his highlights in IPC, Mervyn said, “As with every new manufacturing startup, we had our challenging times back in 1994. With an initial team of 6 engineers, there was a broad customer base which included many indigenous Northern Ireland companies such as Getty Connections, Moy Park, Schrader and of course Aircraft Furnishing, that had just been acquired by B/E Aerospace (Now Collins Aerospace).

“The big breaks came for us with Skylux and Ambience programmes back then, followed by Spectrum, which was the industry game changer and most successful single aisle seat of its time. Alongside these programmes, we were heavily involved in development work with companies like Schrader on their sensor enclosures and even with Pepsi, on emerging trends in plastic bottle design.

“In recent years, a huge challenge and personal achievement was working alongside the IPC engineering team and collaborative partners Bradfor and Magnesium Electron to make a tangerine design come to life for AIX in 2017. We engineered and built a concept seat in 8 weeks to showcase our capability and what can be achieved when supply chains work together to deliver value add to the customer. I am very proud of the end result, which still sits prominently in our conference room as a reminder of how good we can be.

“It has always been the Northern Ireland way to produce excellence, keep our head down and not shout out about our successes. I see this culture changing. As a region we continue to outperform in aerospace and as a business we punch well above our weight, competing and winning new business on a global platform. The shared pride in what we do is evident and our colleagues in IPC play a crucial role in ensuring IPC’s success both now, and for the next 25 years.”

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