IPC Mouldings’ Roots are in the Local Community

IPC Mouldings’ Roots are in the Local Community

CARRICKFERGUS based IPC Mouldings has made a positive contribution to the area they live and work in, by recently planting over 200 trees in the National Trust, Belfast Properties location, Glenoe Waterfal

This follows a series of previous activities carried out by the company within the last year; In addition to installing a bench at the foot of the beautiful Glenoe Waterfall in May 2019, IPC ordered and planted 500 bluebells in November, ensuring that the area will retain its natural beauty for many years to come.

Joanne Liddle, managing director of IPC Mouldings said, “Glenoe is a beautiful area and has a magnificent waterfall. We were very happy as part of IPC’s community programme to take the proactive steps and partner with the National Trust to see how we could positively contribute to our environment locally.

“I have to say that volunteering has been great fun and although a little hard work, all in all the IPC team had a great afternoon planting the trees. We would like to thank the National Trust, in particular Craig Somerville, Mick Walls and the Belfast Ranger Team for their support, direction and advice and their little helpers who were off on school half term.

“I’d also like to thank the Woodland Trust that kindly donated the birch, oak and hazel trees and I look forward to watching the trees grow and Glenoe continue to maintain its beauty.”

Mick Walls, Engagement Ranger from the National Trust said, “It was great to have the team from IPC Mouldings and to have that added extra help for planting trees. In its 125th year, the Trust’s founding principles of providing and protecting green spaces for public benefit have never been more relevant. In Northern Ireland the Trust has announced a series of commitments including planting more than 125,000 trees over the next 10 years. Glenoe Waterfall like so many other National Trust areas are continually maintained. In addition to replacing the old timber bridge and upgrading the foot path, the extensive £75,000 conservation project included works to securing the rock face, ensuring this magical place can be safely enjoyed by visitors long into the future.

“We ensure that any products we use are locally sourced and naturalise beautifully into the wooded glen setting. The bluebells planted last year by IPC will hopefully bloom in mid-April through to late May, with the trees taking root as soon as they can and begin to grow. It is commendable that local companies like IPC Mouldings want to and do get involved in their local environment. Thank you.”

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