Meet the Team – Rajeev Mathew

Our next Meet the Team is with IPC Mouldings Engineering Manager, Rajeev Mathew. Find out more about Rajeev below:

How long have you been working for IPC Mouldings?

I joined IPC Mouldings in July 2019, so I have been working for the company for over two years. 

What’s the best thing about your job?

Every day is unique at IPC and brings challenges that can include ever-changing customer required dates, changes during tooling projects and managing the timeline of the ongoing projects. The best thing about my job is overcoming these challenges with the support of the team, providing the customer with an optimum and cost-effective solution.

It is also a very proud moment to identify and experience parts on finished aircraft seating that have been made by our team at IPC!

What is your greatest personal achievement with IPC Mouldings?

I am proud to be part of the biggest project IPC has ever undertaken – making 14 tools simultaneously and managing the completion of the project with support from Graeme (Bennett), General Manager. Having been away from injection moulding tool design for more than 10 years, I am proud of how quickly I adapted so I could take over the work on the project in a short space of time.

What made you want to join the team at IPC Mouldings?

Since I moved to Northern Ireland in 2005 with a background in Tool Design and Manufacturing, I always wanted to work in my core field. After meeting with IPC’s management team and taking a tour around the factory, I was overwhelmed by the welcoming nature and support from the company. I believed IPC was the best place for me to get back to my core expertise and where I could utilise my experience to benefit IPC’s growth plan, along with opportunities for my own personal development.

What does a typical day involve for you?

A typical day for me starts with catching up on any communications that came in overnight, as well as checking my diary to see the list of tasks that I need to prioritise for the day. We then have the production board meeting to discuss the key issues in production and other departments, followed by the management meeting. The rest of day normally evolves as the day progresses, and I will have to manage tasks including any production priorities, project management, requests from customers, quote submissions and change management. 

What are your hobbies outside of IPC Mouldings?

I like long drives, walking along nature trails and gardening, as well as watching movies with my family and playing cards with my friends. 

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself:

I am the fifth generation in my family to volunteer and work for the church and support its related charities. Since childhood, I was always inspired by the dedication and volunteering to the church and related charities by my grandfather and father, which I have been able to continue doing in Northern Ireland. I am persuading my kids to follow the path of family, which I hope they will continue to do.

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