Meet the Team – Kirsty Love

Next to be featured in IPC's 'Meet the Team' is our Engineering Intern, Kirsty Love! Find out more about Kirsty below:

How long have you been working for IPC Mouldings?

I have been with IPC Mouldings for just over two months. I am doing a 12 month placement as part of my Mechanical Engineering degree at Queen’s University in Belfast. 

What does a typical day entail for you?

No two days are alike in IPC and you never know what’s in store for the day ahead.

I’m still being trained on a lot of things and learning something new every day, but it has really opened my eyes as to what all goes on to maintain the running of a successful engineering company.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I think the best bit is learning about the main Engineering principles and how these are used to problem solve. I am able to use the knowledge I have acquired from my foundation degree and uni degree so far and apply it to the real-life work I am now doing for IPC.

What is your greatest personal achievement with IPC Mouldings?

Although I haven’t been here for very long, I am getting stuck in right away. I have recently been helping with the implementation of a new MRP system. I take pride in the responsibility I’ve been given relating to this task as it shows that I am trusted to handle it. I have also greatly improved my quality inspection skills and have been able to identify defects and help resolve the issue.

How has working at IPC Mouldings benefitted you since you have started with the company? What skills have you learned/developed?

Since starting with IPC, I have been able to develop my teamworking skills as I work as part of the engineering team. I have also been able to improve my skills and knowledge of reading and interpreting engineering drawings.

What are your hobbies outside of IPC Mouldings?

I like going to concerts and baking in my spare time too, my office even benefits from my baking hobby from time to time!

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself:

I come from a long line of engineers that goes back many generations, it must be in the genes!

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