IPC Mouldings’ Nurturing NI’s Future Engineers

Ipc Mouldings' Nurturing NI's Future Engineers

IPC Mouldings is committed to growing the talent of Northern Ireland’s future engineers, and providing exposure for them to experience first-hand the diverse career paths that manufacturing has to offer.

We are proud to offer a number of opportunities for students and young people at our facility in Carrickfergus, from placements to internships, and believe that by doing so, it will help us recruit and retain the best talent in the future.

We recently welcomed our newest intern to the company, Amal Abu Soufeh, whilst saying goodbye to our engineering interns, David Barry and Chelsea McMullan. We spoke to Amal about her aspirations for her internship, whilst catching up with Chelsea about her time with the company.

Amal’s Aspirations for Internship

Amal Abu Soufeh is currently studying BEng Product Design Engineering at Queen’s University in Belfast, and she joined IPC Mouldings as Engineering Intern in July 2023.

Instrumental to Amal’s decision to undertake an internship with IPC was the company’s commitment to sustainability and being environmentally friendly, as well as its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, all of which align with Amal’s own personal advocacy.

Through her internship, Amal will have the opportunity to actively integrate what she has learned at university, into her day-to-day work. With aspirations to have a successful career in product design engineering, Amal’s experience with IPC will play an integral role in reaching those aspirations. Amal said, “Product design engineering plays a pivotal role in shaping the future through remarkable user experiences. I am driven to make a positive impact on society, contributing to solving global challenges and fostering inclusivity and diversity in STEM.

“My experience with IPC Mouldings will allow me hands-on experience in a sector that I have a great interest in. I will have the opportunity to utilise IPC’s expansive networking of experienced professionals and will also have access to mentors within the company who will offer me valuable guidance. I am looking forward to gaining exposure to different industries that will equip me with the knowledge to reach my career aspirations.”

Concluding, Amal said, “Learning from IPC Mouldings’ reputation for quality and delivery will instil the importance of meeting high standards and customer expectations in my pursuit of remarkable user experiences. I am excited to leverage this invaluable experience with the company, which will shape my career and contribute to a more sustainable and innovative future.”

Chelsea’s Career Prospects Soar

Current engineering intern, Chelsea McMullan, completes her internship with IPC Mouldings in August 2023. Speaking about her experience, Chelsea said it has been “particularly rewarding”, detailing the following benefits that she has gained.

Learning Opportunities

“Being an intern exposed me to real-world engineering projects and challenges. I appreciated the constant learning and the chance to apply the knowledge gained in my academic studies to practical situations.”

Collaborative Environment

“Working with the experienced engineers and other interns at IPC Mouldings provided a collaborative and supportive environment. I enjoyed being part of a team where I can contribute my ideas and learn from others.”

Seeing Projects Come to Life

“One of the most enjoyable aspects of my experience has been witnessing projects from the initial concept until completion. It is a truly gratifying journey that allows me to see the tangible results of the collective efforts put in by the team.

Chelsea explained how her experience with IPC with guide her career path, saying, “My experience with IPC Mouldings has been immensely beneficial to my career path. Throughout my internship, I have had the chance to explore various engineering disciples, and this has helped me to identify my preferences and interests, which subsequently will guide my future career decisions.

IPC continues to look at ways that we can shape Northern Ireland’s future workforce, and we look forward to expanding our team of internships and apprentices in the coming months.

If you are interested in a placement or internship opportunity with IPC Mouldings, contact our team today on +44(0)28 933 6656 or email careers@ipcmouldings.com.

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